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Quick Updates in Anesthesia


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Anesthesia as a subject is very vast, and well covered intensively in various textbooks. However, with advancements rapidly occurring in some subspecialties of Anesthesia, it becomes prudent to cover these topics for the benefit of students and practitioners alike so that these advances can be incorporated into daily practice. Sars CoV-2 Pandemic 2019 was a moment in history that brought the world to a fearful standstill and shed light on the potentiality of Anesthesia and anesthesiologist. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention. Anesthesiologists proved the point by innovating in a sustainable manner over existing methods of patient care, intubation, ventilation, scavenging, OT and ICU management. Taking this into account a few burning topics which are time sensitive have been addressed in this book. The book is kept concise and handy for quick reference by one and all. Efforts have been made to cover the topics in detail. Critical feedback is welcome to improve upon


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