Allow Humanity to Survive

Times are tough. We are all fighting our different battles as per our abilities. Unfortunately, there is not a single front to handle and above all our confidence, which was unintentionally misplaced, has been shaken to the core leaving us directionless. However, does our fear justify us to behave irrationally selfish and inhumane? Over the past few decades, the pace of life has increased.

The laid back villagers encouraged their children to move to more affluent cities increasing the struggle for survival and competitiveness for prosperity. The thin line between hard work and grind, progress and edacity, need and indulgence soon lost relevance due to paucity of time and intention.

The race towards our ever-changing goals to satisfy our egos became faster, harder, somewhat murkier, selfish and destructive. Not only did we compromise on our ethics and morals, but we also justified our onslaught on nature. Little did we realize that nature nurtures us with immense love and that is its power, not a necessity. Human progress should make us more humble, accepting, grateful and accommodating. We are dependent on nature for survival not otherwise.

Allow Humanity to survive

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Over these past few months, as the pandemic takes a toll on people’s health, profession, finances and confidence, we see and hear incidences of people closing doors on friends and neighbours. We have physically and mentally abused healthcare workers who are working with limited resources. We have been offensive towards our on-duty police personnel who have been on the roads un-relentlessly providing services.

These few months, nature has forced us to review the status we hold as a human race on this planet. Our ruthlessness has destroyed many a species causing ecological imbalance, but nature has balanced it out with a tiny little unseen virus. How powerful we had thought we had become?

Let us together as an evolved human race respect, love and conserve nature. Let us open our hearts towards all life and let love spread. Let us make the world conducive to allow humanity to survive.

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