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is currently practising as a Cardiac anesthesiologist in a corporate hospital. Rupinder Kaur Kaiche is a romantic poet who finds every aspect of nature beautiful. Be it dawn or dusk, sunshine or rain, cold winter day or night, all have an appealing charm.

Facing the everyday challenges of managing sick patients with serious heart problems going for surgery has added a lot of compassion to her writing. She seems to have experienced spirituality on the horizon where science and art mingle. Her undaunting faith in God is respectfully expressed in some of her poems.

I was born in Punjab, a state renowned for its flourishing greenery. Being a daughter of an army officer, she grew up in a patriotic, disciplined and sensitive environment which reflects in her poems.

My poetry has evolved over the years with different life experiences adding different colours to her expression

Rupinder Kaur Kaiche is teaching at a reputed Medical college in Nashik, She is also a practising Cardiac anesthesiologist and the author of the 3 Books  bestseller “DewDrops.”

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